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The perfect complement to Cockpit.conso-IBE

AN15NOVDUSSIN/ASQ - also available in Cockpit.conso!

AN15NOVDUSSIN/ASQ? Sure thing!

GDS experts can use all their favourite commands.

But that's not all. Our free-of-charge web application offers other options as well - ones that no IBE has made possible before. 

For example:

  • GDS professionals can continue to use their knowledge of crpypy entries
  • Retrieve, change, re-price, split and cancel IBE bookings via filekey
  • Make additions to IBE bookings - e.g. RMs, OSIs, SSRs, FFN, APIS, TSA
  • Can be used with any device (computer, tablet or smartphone)
  • Standard Smartkeys are preassigned by us, own agency Smartkeys can be assigned individually


My GDS - the free web application for GDS professionals.